Lavender, the Queen of Essential Oils

Lavender, the Queen of Essential Oils

Looking for an essential oil with multiple proven uses? One to carry in your purse or take on vacation, as well as use at home and work? Look no further than multi-purpose lavender!

Lavender is the most widely used of all essential oils and a favorite of many. Often referred to as the “universal oil” or the “queen of essential oils” because of it's usefulness in a variety of different scenarios, it’s aroma can range from deeply floral to herbaceous and woody. The Bulgarian Lavender used in Thistle Farms products is considered the finest lavender grown, with a unisex lightly floral and herbaceous quality that is appropriate for everyone.

Let’s talk about a few of lavender’s most common uses.

  • For a clean home. A great smelling, fresh home is something we all want. Try mixing your own gentle, yet powerfully effective cleaning supplies with lavender essential oil and a few common ingredients to feel the difference that switching to chemical free cleaners can make in your life. Start with this easy bathroom and kitchen scrub from the Thistle Farms test kitchen!
  • On your skin.  Lavender is one of the few essential oils that, for those who have no allergy or sensitivity to it, can be used “neat,” meaning undiluted. One drop of lavender can calm bug bites, bee stings, and other minor skin irritations, even on children. Apply lightly to sunburn for immediate relief. 
  • In your diffuser. Diffusing lavender can create a calm atmosphere in your home. Many studies have shown that diffusing lavender at bedtime increases slow-wave sleep, instrumental for slowing heartbeat and relaxing muscles, which makes for a restful night of zzzz's! 
  • At bath time. Add several drops of lavender essential oil to your bath for an indulgent, therapeutic soak before bedtime. Feel the stresses of the day dissolve and feel the deep relaxation of this aromatherapeutic go-getter.  
  • All natural pet care. Creating and testing this lavender pet freshening spray was such fun for us, but even more beneficial for our four-legged pals. No worries about chemicals or irritants here, just pure ingredients and great smelling dogs!

Have fun, friends. Whether essential oils are a daily wellness choice or a every-now-and-then hobby, lavender will add many practical advantages to your life.