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5 Ways Three Trees Brighten the Season

by B Devaul November 29, 2017

5 Ways Three Trees Brighten the Season

Familiar scents awaken the senses and enhance our ability to recall precious moments that will forever be cherished. The crisp qualities of Three Trees’ aroma unite together for a quintessential holiday experience that will embrace this season of celebration. Three Trees Candle and Room Spray guarantees to capture holiday memories and evoke joyous times of yore.

1. Cedarwood is a natural sedative that has the power to reduce tension and stress. FIll your home with this natural aroma for a peaceful holiday everyone can enjoy. 

2. Black Spruce has an immediate grounding effect and is utilized to help focus and center. It's forest-like scent creates an ideal environment, inspiring holiday cheer.

3. What smells better than a fresh cut Christmas tree? This favorite time of year appeals to all five senses; balsam fir assures an aromatic experience not easily forgotten.

4. Enjoy the hustle & bustle! The essential oil based aroma of Three Trees stimulates the body and mind providing an uplifting and energizing effect.

5. Our naturally scented soy candles release warm, joyful feelings into the air. Non-toxic, soy burns clean and evenly for hours of blissful peace.

Smell something? Spray something. Dispersing essential oils throughout your living space not only eliminates odors, it is also an expectorant, antiviral, & disinfectant.  


Make your December one to remember with two delightful options that promise to warm your heart, lift your mood and light your soul. Purchase our Three Trees Holiday Duo below!


B Devaul
B Devaul