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Candles gently illuminate a table, softly scent a room, and even light the way home. Every day, members of the Thistle Farms community light a candle in our Nashville headquarters as a universal symbol of welcome and sanctuary for the next woman coming in from the street. Thistle Farms handmade soy candles burn with the promise that Love Heals Every Body.

  • Improved flat wick make of sustainable, natural fibers
  • Milky stained glass holds 8 oz. soy candle with 35-hour burn time
  • Three renewing, healing, uplifting, calming fragrances derived from natural, essential oils

For your home, office, workshop, or studio. Choose one signature fragrance to fill your entire home, or match individual rooms to the properties of the essential oils: nurturing Vanilla Vetiver for the bedroom, peaceful Citrus Wood for the family room, and balancing Lavender for the office.

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