Love. Heal. Thrive. Celebrate.

Introducing Our Class of 2023


"I love myself. I don’t know that I ever really knew that was possible because it's not something that most people are taught to do. Love yourself. Choose you. Dream big. I believe in myself today. I see a good future and it's amazing."


"I'm celebrating my life. Love. Vulnerability. Getting to work. Being able to pay my bills. Getting a car. Being in college. Celebrating peace being possible. I celebrate the fact that I have a choice."


"I'm celebrating being independent, coming to work every day, adulting, and going back to school. I'm celebrating that I'll be 33 this year and I'm still alive. I have a lot of goals, and I'm excited because I know I can do it."


"I've always had a voice, but now I use it. I'm not the same person who was scared to open up. You have to be vulnerable. You can't carry the load by yourself. I believe in me now, and I want to help others like me."


"This program taught me that my determination is powerful. What you tell me I can't do, I'm determined to prove that I can do it. Even when everybody else doubted me, I did this for me. Graduating is the biggest accomplishment of my life."


"I'm celebrating hope. I didn't think I had any, but I do. My life is the polar opposite of anything that I ever thought possible. So I celebrate my life every day. My life is full now. Love saved my life."


"I'm celebrating life because I'm no longer just surviving. I'm celebrating standing tall and taking up space and finding my voice and choosing me and love. I don't want to just go with the flow. I want to make some noise."


"I celebrate because I've never had my own place before, owned a car, or been on a job for more than 3 months…and I've been here for over a year! Those are important to me because I've never had them. Without this program, I still wouldn't."


"I'm celebrating life. I love being in the moment. I stay in the now, which isn't scary anymore. And my whole life has changed in two years. There's been ups and downs, but I'm learning who Robyn is. And she's a very interesting girl."


"It feels like my whole life has led up to this graduation. I didn't graduate high school or go to prom or have a wedding or anything big. But now, every day is like my birthday. It means everything to me to have that chance."

Our Soundtrack of Resilience

We proudly present a playlist from our Graduates to ignite passion, healing, growth, and joy.

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