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Love Heals

We all have a story. Whether written from the hardships of deep wounds, grief, or longing for justice, your life can overflow with hope. 

In Love Heals, you'll find principles that have transformed lives. 

Drawn from the Christian tradition and Becca Steven's work as an Episcopal priest for the past 30 years, each chapter brings encouragement and practical steps for anyone going through a difficult season or searching for a deeper faith.

  • Love heals by the mercy of God. 
  • Love heals with compassion. 
  • Love heals during the act of forgiving. 
  • Love heals past our fears. 
  • Love heals across the world. 

Along with other ways that love heals, read true stories of healing and joy, where brokenness is transformed into compassion. And believe the truth that you, too, can be changed and grateful for this life you live.

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