Crafting Sustainable Livelihoods: Thistle Farms' Collaboration with Collective Humanity in Cambodia

At Thistle Farms, we believe in supporting the makers and artisans who create meaningful, high-quality products. Our recent collaboration with Collective Humanity has allowed us to work with women in Cambodia who are using their craft to achieve financial independence and share their beautiful work with the world.

The Waffle Robe is a stunning example of the traditional craftsmanship and ancient techniques used by our artisan partners. Made from cotton, the raw materials are carefully sourced and processed through spinning, warping, denting, beaming, drafting, and weaving to create a high-quality fabric. All six steps have a specific purpose and reason for its time and attention to detail to get the materials just right. The Waffle Robe is also a symbol of self care, a value held deeply here at Thistle Farms.

The dying process is equally intricate and beautiful, with raw ingredients harvested and boiled to create rich, vibrant colors that are absorbed by the cotton through a meticulous dipping and soaking process. The fabric is cleaned and hand dipped into the natural dye, and soaked over time to create a rich color. Then, the fabric is dried over a day. This complex process takes time but ensures lasting pieces that for years to come.

But the true beauty of the Waffle Robe lies in the women who create it. The Collective Humanity weavers work in open-air studios in their homes, where they can earn a dignified living and care for their families. These techniques have been passed down from mother to daughter for thousands of years, and our partnership with Collective Humanity ensures that these traditions continue to thrive.

By purchasing a Waffle Robe, you are not only investing in a beautiful and meaningful piece of clothing and wellness, but you are also supporting the resilience and empowerment of women in Cambodia. Together with Collective Humanity, we are working to break the cycle of poverty and create opportunities for women to achieve financial independence and share their craft with the world. Thank you for supporting our mission and the incredible women who make our products possible.

Learn more here about our Friendship-First approach and the artisan partners we work with. Shop the Waffle Robe and other beautifully crafted pieces from Collective Humanity here