Meet CALM: A New Essential Oil

Meet CALM: A New Essential Oil

Calm is a new essential oil that we have developed to help you cope with everyday pressures. Known to be a natural sedative, the combination of sweet orange and vanilla help to ease stress while patchouli and cedarwood atlas help release pleasure hormones that result in a more positive mood.

These 5 tips for utilizing Calm makes caring for yourself easy, convenient, and just plain smart!

  • Inhale directly
  • Inhaling directly from the bottle is a basic approach allowing you to reap the benefits when in a pinch.

  • Clean your desk
  • Place a few drops of Calm onto a damp paper towel. Cleaning your workspace            promotes greater focus and the aroma will help maintain inner peace.

  • Ventilation
  • Add a few drops of Calm to a tissue and place in any vent to cleans air and freshen rooms.

  • Soak away stress
  • Dilute several drops of oil into a hot bath. The oil will help ease tension while its sweet aroma will calm the mind.

  • Freshen Sheets
  • Place several drops of oil to a wool dryer ball for a chemical-free alternative that softens & lightly scents sheets.

    Specifically formulated to relieve anxiety, Calm has a beautiful soft & earthy scent we know you’ll love.

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