Linda’s Healing Journey

If you’ve visited Thistle Farms for Community Meditation then odds are good that you’ve received a hug from Linda. Linda graduated the two-year residential program in 2016 and now works full-time in the logistics department at the Home & Body social enterprise. Even if you’ve never physically visited Thistle Farms, Linda’s warmth and love for Thistle Farmers has reached you through the events she prepares and packs all over the country. Linda enjoys her daily work because she remembers that each package is helping to provide resources for the next woman coming off the streets to begin healing. She enjoys working with other women in recovery because they give her strength and hold her accountable daily.

Linda’s healing journey started when she decided that she didn’t need to hide her pain from God. “I thought I was bad in the eyes of God and once I started using I thought I needed to hide that bad stuff from God. What I realized is that nothing is ever hidden from God so I brought everything to Him and found a forgiving God.”

Spiritual Principle #10 is one of Linda’s favorites: forgive and feel freedom. This radical forgiveness towards ourselves and others leads us one step closer to living a peaceful life. She says, “my connection to God is the most important thing to me and keeps me from relapse. God has intervened so many times in my life – the fact that I’m even still alive is a miracle. God was not ready to give up on me. I don’t think God is ready to give up on anyone.”  Every day at Thistle Farms stories like Linda’s remind us of all that love can accomplish. Linda named her cat Victory so that each time she says his name she is reminded of her own freedom from addiction and past pain. Linda wants you to know that you are also free to take your grief and healing to God – naming your cat Victory is a great place to start