Lavender: A Little Love for Your Summer Skin

Lavender: A Little Love for Your Summer Skin

Even if you’ve mentally settled back into your weekday routine after the long holiday weekend (good for you!), your sun-stressed skin is likely struggling to get back to its happy and healthy self.

All those hours under the hot sun lead many of us to medicine cabinets or store shelves in search of safe and effective remedies to soothe our burned skin, only to find the same old solutions, full of harsh chemicals and false promises.

Thankfully, we at Thistle Farms have come to understand the many benefits of our “signature” ingredient: lavender.

While perhaps best known for its aromatherapeutic effect of calming stressed minds, lavender also contains anti-inflammatory powers that soothe and hydrate angry, sunburned skin. Lavender essential oil helps to reduce inflammation, soreness, and dryness, and acts as an antiseptic that brings relief to itching sunburns and bug bites.

So, if you’re simply in need of a little stress relief through the post-holiday re-entry, or if you need real pain and itch relief for your skin, we want to help. Our mantra is LOVE HEALS, after all.

Discover the healing power of lavender in our Soothing Body Balm, Nourishing Body Butter, or Enriching Body Lotion. Or, sample a collection of travel-sized customer favorites in our popular Jet Set.

And be sure to keep plenty on hand, as there’s thankfully a lot of summer left. Enjoy it!

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