Got Eczema?

Got Eczema?

Over 10% of Americans suffer from eczema, with Atopic Dermatitis, caused by a malfunctions in the immune system and skin barrier, being the most common form. More than one-third of people with AD say they “often” or “always” feel angry or embarrassed by their appearance due to the condition.

Thistle Farms natural unscented products to the rescue! Reviews of our unscented line, used as a part of daily eczema care have been so encouraging as eczema sufferers are seeing significant results from our Soothing Body Balm and Nourishing Body Butter.

Our Balm is a natural alternative to vaseline, providing soothing, fast and effective results. With skin restorative and pain-relieving properties, our balm includes the compounds necessary for fast absorption and lasting protection, healing the barrier between irritants and your delicate skin.

Here are just a few things our customers said:

"...this stuff is amazing, I've been using it for years! I used to have horrible eczema and when I applied the this cream, it literally went away overnight..." - Alex

"It has worked wonders on my son's eczema prone, extremely sensitive skin. I also love that there is an unscented option! I highly recommend this product, and will definitely be purchasing more!" - Michelle

“After two days of using the balm it healed her skin – no more red, angry patches and no more dry skin. So a big thanks to everyone at Thistle Farms who offer my friends, family and me the healing power of love in each product you make.“ - Heather

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