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A New Day

by Heather Davis May 15, 2017

A New Day

Deanna, left, pictured with her co-worker Lolita.

Looking out the storefront windows, we notice thick green brush and trees that crawl over the landscape of Nashville. Over the past month, the world outside has become encompassed in the green of spring. The evolving environment matches the world of Thistle Farms as we experience each day as new. Thistle Farms is not only remodeling all facilities but all of our products are going through a revitalization: new scents, new ingredients, new labels, new containers. The growth and change is consistently pointed towards the same mission: preparing a space for the next woman’s journey of healing, empowerment, and employment.

Deanna has been a resident at Thistle Farms for 17 months. Deanna works in manufacturing and creates the beautiful and healing new products released this month. While the production process and products have evolved, she has changed alongside them since arriving at Magdalene, the residential program: “I have learned the power of forgiveness. Forgiving people and myself lets me move forward.” When asked what has allowed her to reach forgiveness she says, “Love. I’ve never known love until Thistle Farms. Love is this community that supports you all the time. We go through the good and bad days together. It’s okay to be broken here because we are all broken and that means we can all be healed. When you come here - we all belong.”

As the fresh paint goes on the walls of the manufacturing building, as trees and bushes around us herald rebirth, and as we welcome another woman home today – the beauty of the spring is the reminder that all things can be made new. Deanna says, “Forgiveness has given me peace and peace is the blessing of being made new.”

Photo Credit: Peggy Napier

Heather Davis
Heather Davis