Five Questions with Irwin Goldzweig

Who are you?

I'm many things to many people, having a multitude of titles and roles. The most obvious one is father of a daughter in recovery from addiction. I'm also in recovery from co-dependence and learning how to appreciate the wisdom of Step 1, that is, that I'm powerless over other people and need to take responsibility for my own behavior.

How long have you been a Thistle Farmer?

Since my daughter was released from incarceration and was welcomed into the world of Thistle Farms/Magdalene House. This was, and is, the miracle that she needed to help with her recovery. I quickly saw the strength and importance of Thistle Farms in her life and that of many others and am a believer. I'm a Thistle Farmer!  

What does #LoveHeals mean to you?

Love Heals is a saying and a practice. As a saying, it’s a concise way to express how to achieve wholeness from broken lives and broken hearts. It’s much deeper as a practice in that it provides a philosophy of life, guidance in daily interactions, and a lens through which to view all that we do.

Where will you be in a year?

In a year from now I expect to still be in retirement and enjoying a more completeness in my life due to my daughter and I being reunited as we continue to work on rebuilding our relationship and our family.

When are you the most at peace?

When I feel all is well with my family and everyone is pursuing a positive, healthy lifestyle. My peaceful place is walking in nature preserves, listening for and seeing birds and other wildlife and sharing some of those experiences through photography.

What is your theme song?

The Beatles singing, “Here Comes the Sun.” This is an uplifting song expressing optimism about the future. Even in dark, dreary times, we can feel confident the sun will come out and things will get brighter.

Also The Hollies singing, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” emphasizes our responsibility to others. It’s not enough to care for ourselves; we have a responsibility to and for others

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