5 W's with Thistle Farms Shared Trade

Have you wondered what the difference is between Thistle Farms and Thistle Farms Global? Smart question, ethical shopper!

Have you wondered what the difference is between Thistle Farms and Thistle Farms Shared Trade? Smart question, ethical shopper!

Who: The Thistle Farms Shared Trade network includes more than 30 social enterprise partners from 20 countries on 5 continents. We have a staff of two full-time employees stateside who work from the Thistle Farms location in Nashville, TN.

What:  We are a network of likeminded social enterprises who address the universal issues of sexual assault, trafficking and extreme poverty to increase dignity and economic freedom. Shared Trade partners benefit from being part of a larger community. With the support and sales generated through Thistle Farms Shared Trade, partner enterprises hire more women, increase wages, and reinvest in their communities.

Where: Our Shared Trade network creates economic freedom for women artisan survivors worldwide. Nine of our partners reside in India, where communities see a large amount of injustice toward women in the workplace.

When: Now! A simple switch from looking for the cheapest price to the most sustainable and helpful places to spend our money creates a new reality for all of us. Get started here: Thistle Farms Shared Trade Marketplace.

Why: Women in unjust situations need help gaining financial independence. We are able to help with launching new social enterprises, incorporating existing enterprises into our supply chain, and connecting women producers directly with customers.