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Availability and Accessibility of Services
To mitigate the harms and impacts of the sex trade, accessible services must be universally available. These services include addiction treatment; reproductive, mental, and physical healthcare; and economic agency.

Prostitution is Not a One-time Occurrence

Alisa Bernard, Thistle Farms Director of Public Policy & Advocacy

Services Across The Care Continuum

Social services must be present across the continuum to promote individual agency and a movement toward self-efficacy.

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Listening to Survivors

As a young girl, I was a runaway. I quickly found myself caught up in drugs and alcohol as well as more sexual abuse. If I had a place to go that was supportive and safe, I may have gone there instead of living on the streets. But these places have to be culturally sensitive, and the staff must be as real as the girls’ circumstances.

Roxanne White, thelifestory.org

Many of the girls on the street are young teenagers. That’s not what they want to do at that age. It’s not something any woman or girl wants to do. You live in hotels and travel from city to city, having no freedom, no cash, and being brutally beaten. They control your mind, your body, and your soul. Pimps teach you not to trust anyone, but you must find at least one person you can trust to get help.”

Marie, thenewabolitionists.com

We desperately need housing options specific to this population. We need transitional housing. We need short-term and long-term, supportive and subsidized housing so women can focus on developing life skills that will allow them to be self-sufficient. We need landlords willing to rent to women who have criminal records. We need housing in safe neighborhoods.

Robin Miller, thelifestory.org

In the past, a child with suspected abuse sometimes had to talk to 11-15 people—doctors, child protective services, law enforcement. That can be very traumatic. The people trying to help weren’t talking to each other.

Jennifer, thelifestory.org

I remember a doctor asking me ‘Your story doesn’t make sense. What really happened to you?’ when my trafficker was less than two feet away, glaring at me. I knew that I would never be able to say anything, because if I did, there would be repercussions when I left.

Jeri, thelifestory.org

These systems are not inevitable

We stand against the normalization of the sex trade by supporting initiatives such as:
Increasing Funding To Serve More Survivors.
Creating Reparative Mechanisms to Sustainably Maintain Services.
Promote Survivor Leadership to Ensure Services are Trauma-Informed.
Increasing Availability, Access, and Affordability of Mental and Physical Healthcare.
Implementing Broader Definitions of Trafficking.

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