Guava Honey
Tropical and summery with a hint of zest, Guava Honey is upbeat and mood-boosting.
Sea Salt Violet
Fresh, balancing, and clean, the simple Sea Salt Violet scent will soothe and relax.
Santal Amber
Grounding and warm, this soft spicy scent carries the spicy aroma of a peppercorn tree and is revitalizing and invigorating.
Citronella Oil
Used for centuries to not only repel insects, but also heal skin infections and wounds.
Peppermint Oil
Naturally cleanses the skin through its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Lemongrass Oil
A natural bug repellant in its own right, rich in purifying health benefits.
Spearmint Oil
Energizes and uplifts the skin. Also gentle, perfect for children and sensitive skin.
Rose Geranium Oil
Rich in antioxidants and improves the skin’s ability to heal itself from environmental toxins.
Once all of those steps are complete, the weaving magic begins!
The drafting process is when a weaver threads a bamboo stick through the strung loom to create texture or style for that specific piece.
Beaming takes place by rolling the yarn onto a wooden board to place at the foot of the loom. This process requires at least 5 women to warp one loom.
The denting process is very tedious and requires the weavers to insert each single thread into each reed/comb. It is very tiny space and takes great precision and attention to detail.
This step takes place by setting up a board with pegs on each side. The weavers walk the thread back and forth, placing it over the adjacent peg each time until the warping is complete.
Alleviates anxiety, soothes indigestion, and offers powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
Detoxes and improves circulation. 
Mint Myrrh
The lift of peppermint, richly balanced with grounding myrrh and frankincense, finished with sweet orange and vanilla. 
A soothing essential oil blend that eases cramps and levels emotions. 
Tulsi Tea
This caffeine free tea supports healthy adrenals, helps mitigate stress, and promotes good sleep.
Silver Tea
This loose leaf tea is high in antioxidants and light in caffeine. It has a crisp, cooling effect with hints of jasmine.
Green Tea
This award-winning loose leaf tea is steamed with no oxidation. This green tea is high in antioxidants and has a unique earthy flavor with hints of peach.
White Tea
The lightest in flavor and color it offers an earthy and fresh flavor, with floral notes. This tea is low in caffeine.