Announcing Our Graduating Class of 2021

Announcing Our Graduating Class of 2021

Every spring, we celebrate some of the strongest women we know: our program graduates. This is our 21st graduation - a milestone we could not have reached without your support.

Regina, one of our first five graduates, stands tall at the podium, kicking off the presentation. 

She is a light. She came decades before them and knows their journey. 

Behind each of the graduates sits a mentor, ready to present the certificate of completion. They represent love that shows up. Over and over again throughout their two-year journey in our residential program.

Current program participants line the front row: holding handmade signs. Their sister’s stories give them hope and light their way. One day, they will be graduates too.

The Tennessee State Capitol bears peaceful witness that women survivors feel freedom and stand tall like a field of thistles. 

Their strength and resilience is beautiful, undeniable, and palpable.

Thank you for believing in the healing power of Love.