2020-2021 Annual Report

In a year that put all odds against growth, obstacles in the path of miracles, and challenges on the journey to sanctuary - together - we overcame.

Dear Friends,

Whether you found us via prisons or gated communities, corporate headquarters or a homeless camp, distant cathedrals, or our own café, the Thistle Farms Community is stronger because of your presence. No matter the route taken, we know this much is true: we are stronger together.

In a year when uncertainty lurked around every corner, together we have broken ground on new homes, set online revenue records, expanded into new cities, and sustained justice enterprises employing survivors around the world.

The ties of love that bind us together are stronger than the fraying that threatens to pull us apart. Stronger together means our individual threads create a powerful force for change in this world.

While we’ve never stopped growing in our 24-year history, the growth spurts experienced over the past six months represent expansion at an entirely different level. The steps we’re taking to reach more customers, impact new public policies, and support survivors in new ways are incredibly exciting.

​None of this would be happening without the strength, resilience, and courage created in community. A community that includes you. Thistle Farms is living proof of how much further we can go together than anyone could go alone. Thank you again for believing in us. We truly are better together.

Thank you for writing this story with us and for believing in us. Together, we have done amazing things. We could not be more grateful for the year we've survived and shared together or more hopeful for the road that lies ahead. 

With Love and Appreciation, 
Becca Stevens and Hal Cato


We offer you this annual report as a glimpse inside this unpredictable year. Together, we are able to create a powerful force for change in this world, and our impact is highlighted in the following pages - further proving that we are stronger together. 

Click HERE to see our annual report. 



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