Gisela at Moringa Madres

When I think back five years or so, when I fed my kids stale tortillas or cut a banana three ways to make it go further. I remember that ditch and think, How did I possibly raise my children with so little money? But with the help of others and the teamwork of supportive women who, like me, had their own ditches, we began to lift each other up, share our ideas and bond with one another. We understood each another and the ditches we came from.

Recently, I was on a bus and began a conversation with a young woman who had a sick child with her. She said her child was not gaining weight, and she was concerned about what to do. I had some Moringa powder with me and gave it to her and told her how to blend it in his milk to make his body strong. This made me feel so good. I knew the ditch she was in, and I knew I could offer some help to her and her child.

So the ditch has made me who I am today. I learned from my mistakes and I teach my children values every day. I tell them not to judge or criticize others—you simply do not know what is going on in other people’s lives. Lastly, I have learned how to value and respect myself. By respecting myself, I can respect and value others every day.


Moringa Madres, San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico