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Outdoor Candle + Natural Bug Spray

Thistle Farms is proud to offer Bug Free Outdoor Candle + Natural Bug Spray Combo. Each product is made from a blend of rose geranium, geraniol, and citronella oil, as Nature's solution for mosquitoes. Rose Geranium Oil and geraniol have a distinctive scent people find appealing but mosquitoes find intolerable. Apply repellent often to drive mosquitoes away.

  • A safe, natural and DEET-free way to protect from mosquitoes and biting insects.
  • 4oz Repellent: made with organic rose geranium oil, geraniol and citronella oil--- known for mosquito repelling properties.
  • Candle: made from 100% fully sustainable palm wax, 10% essential oils, and a non-lead cotton wick.

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