A Single Candle Cuts
Through The Darkest Night
The work of love is to keep lighting the way for millions of women still searching for a way out.
For over 20 years, Thistle Farms has lit a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.

Our history

A Holistic Revolution

Meet Becca

We don't ask, "What did you do?"

We ask, "What happened to you?"

How Love Heals

Living Our Mission Through 3 Integrated Paths

Residential Program

We provide housing, case management, healthcare, counseling, job skills, and employment for two years - free of charge. 

Our homes operate on a holistic model - built on trust and love.

Love Heals. Five years after graduation, 75% of our residents are living healthy, financially independent lives.

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Social Enterprises

Our 3 social enterprises - Body & Home, The Café, and Global Shared Trade -  provide gateway jobs for survivors, as well as provide an entrepreneurial revenue stream to scale our mission. 

Financial freedom is instrumental in transforming lives. Survivors are protected from the violence and vulnerability of poverty, families are reunited, and communities become more vibrant.

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National Network

A force of like minded organizations that collaborate to deliver justice and challenge systems that commodify and abuse women.

The survivor-led network includes 59 organizations  that house over 300 women across the country.

Our education team leads conferences to train and inspire, creating a catalyst for change.

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why the thistle?

Thistles grow on the streets and alleys where the women of Thistle Farms have walked. 

Considered weeds by many, thistles have a deep root that can shoot through concrete and survive drought.

The resilience, vibrancy, and healing qualities of the thistle parallel the survival and flourishing of women survivors.