Graduate Support Services

At Thistle Farms, our commitment to supporting one another does not end at graduation, but continues through all of life’s challenges.

Graduate Services offers:


Emergency Assistance

Unexpected costs--vehicle maintenance, housing emergencies, health complications--can be particularly disruptive for survivors. Through Graduate Services, Thistle Farms graduates can apply for emergency assistance funding to bridge the gap during a difficult period.

A Supportive Network

While in the residential program, survivors live with and are surrounded by other women with similar experiences. After graduation, that supportive network is still necessary for recovery. Graduate Services offers space for daily online communication between graduates as well as several in-person graduate events throughout the year.


Continuing Education & Job Skills Development

Thistle Farms social enterprises continue to offer survivors a unique environment for job skills training after graduation. Thistle Farms' graduate continuing education program, Thistle University, offers courses to help survivors learn specialized job skills. Graduates enrolled in Thistle University gain confidence being in the classroom again, refine and expand interpersonal skills, and increase hard/technical skills for current and future jobs within Thistle Farms and beyond.