Events and Workshops

Thistle Farms Event
Host A Home Party

A home party helps to bring our customers and wider community into the Thistle Farms circle. For the women of Thistle Farms, events provide an opportunity to build sales skills and further develop confidence and self-esteem. Home party hosts provide the location, snacks, and friends. Thistle Farms supplies handcrafted, natural body and home products for sampling and purchase, as well as some of the most poignant storytellers who provide living proof that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.  

Home parties can be scheduled in the Middle Tennessee region.

Sales Events

Thistle Farms sold products at more than 200 community and corporate events last year, including health fairs, church retreats, civic club meetings, annual professional conferences, and trade conventions. Sales events offer vocational training as well as an opportunity for direct income for the women of Thistle Farms. Our employees set up and manage booths and educate customers about our products and mission. (Note: Due to a limited budget, we are usually unable to attend events with exhibit fees.)

For all home party and sales event inquiries, please contact Dorris at or 615.298.1140.