Deacon Stole by Sibimbe

A stole is an ecclesiastical vestment worn during worship services by those ordained to ministry.

  • Angled sash, closed at the hip
  • Reversible: green/red or blue/purple
  • Plain ($95) with NO embroidered symbols or Fancy($125) embroidered with a cross and descending dove
  • Hand sewn--no two sets are exactly alike
  • Unique and vibrant traditional Ecuadorian fabrics
  • Stole Measurements: 5.5" W x 104" L

The deacon stole is worn on top of an alb, draped over the left shoulder. The color choices of green, red, blue, and purple are related to the liturgical seasons. Embroidered stoles have a cross on one side (green for green/red and purple for purple/blue) and a descending dove on the other.

NOTE: Pictures do NOT match the product selected, as product images reflect only the green/red "fancy" stole with dove and cross and the blue/purple plain stole with no embroidered symbols.

The Sibimbe sewing cooperative is named after the Sibimbe River, where the founding seamstresses learned to swim, in the Los Rios area of Ecuador. Like a river that connects people and places, Sibimbe connects these women learning to make their way in a global economy.

This social enterprise partners with Escuela Anne Stevens and the nonprofit Center for Contemplative Justice, both established by Reverend Becca Stevens of Nashville, Tennessee. Sibimbe launched its business by creating healing oil pouches for Thistle Farms. The Reverend Gina Angulo, priest at Escuela Anne Stevens, says, "The purpose of this cooperative is to provide decent work and to improve the quality of life for women. It is our hope that in the future there will be many more women that can be a part of Sibimbe."

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