2017 Graduate

I was in addiction for twenty years with ten overdoses, then I spent two years behind bars.

I’ve always said three things saved my life... Prison, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Thistle Farms. They’re all linked together. I was thankful to be locked up for so long because I was finally able to rest, sleep, eat, and hear about Thistle Farms.

A Thistle Farms Residential graduate came and spoke to a group of us, and was the day I started calling to get on waiting list. I called once a week for one year.

I can’t even tell you in words how great my life is today. I own a house and a car, I have a full-time job managing an office of about 300 people. I even started a retirement fund! People trust me and rely on me. People depend on me to handle their business transactions, contracts, commission checks, and I am solely responsible for daily operations and procedures of an entire office building!