2009 Graduate

I was out there for a long time. I knew every dope dealer, every crack house, any place where sad, shame-filled people were, I knew them all. I was one of them.

I blamed myself for every awful thing that happened to me, but now I can see that I didn't get to that place by myself. There were a lot of broken people and broken systems that paved the road I walked on.

The help and acceptance that I got from Thistle Farms saved me.

I’ve worked hard and I take my Manufacturing Manager job seriously. I have received all of the desires of my heart. There was a time when home ownership and cars and jobs and friends and love weren’t even possibilities. That’s what street life is - the complete lack of possibility. 

Today I have all of the things that I dreamed of and now I’m looking ahead to what to do with that. What can I do to make the world better, what can I do to help the suffering. What will my legacy be?

I want to give grace in the same amount that I have found it.