Our Bug Free Repellent gets an A+!

May 31, 2016

It is the season of being outdoors....and report cards, and at Thistle Farms we have an awesome one to share with you! Our newly formulated, natural, Bug Free Repellent just passed an independent lab testing with flying colors! We got an A+ and beat out a leading competitor in the field. Here is our 'report card':


Snell Scientifics is an independent research lab that specializes in scientific development and efficacy testing for pesticides and repellents. In their lab, Snell tested our Bug Free Spray against skin that is untreated as well as sprayed with the leading natural brand (done in 15 minute increments). This report allows us to feel confident we are using a high quality, lab tested and effective repellent on our bodies. Our active ingredient, rose geranium oil, comes from Ikirezi, a Thistle Farms Global partner, which empowers survivor-leaders in Rwanda who are helping their families and villages heal from the genocide. Purchasing this product empowers women all over the globe! 

As with any natural or chemical product, remember that body chemistry, perfumes and scented products can influence its effectiveness for you. And, since our Bug Free Repellent is not oily - -we hear 'cool' and 'refreshing' used all the time -- remember to reapply as needed (some thistle farmers find spraying every two hours sufficient, while others who are 'extra-appealing' to mosquitos may spray every 15 minutes). Use common sense, cover up and be safe!

This is good stuff—DEET-free, great smelling, and it could completely redefine your summer.

And now to send a copy of this report card to our moms and dads...!

Kristin, a Thistle Farms Survivor-Leader, keeps her girls bug-free all summer long!

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