Meet Anika from Thistle Farms Global

Meet Anika from Thistle Farms Global

Meet Anika, 2015 Thistle Farms Residential graduate and Events and Inventory Coordinator in our Global Department.

We caught up with Anika on a early morning as the manufacturing space at Thistle Farms was coming to life. There are tiny boxes of jewelry and bigger boxes of this spring’s latest hand woven baskets all around us and it’s apparent that Anika takes great pleasure in this part of her job - the part where her hands touch the pieces made by similar hands so far away from our headquarters in Nashville, TN.

“I feel connected to any woman who has survived trauma and injustice, but being the person who opens up the boxes we receive from our global partners really strengthens that connection. Seeing and touching the beautiful handmade work of women survivors a half a world away proves to me that all of this is working.” Anika gestures toward the other desks that will soon be filled with women coworkers, all of whom are in the process of healing from their own traumas.

“Right now, one of my favorite Global items is the Blair Essential Oil Bracelet by our sisters at Béljoy in Haiti because it's there on my wrist all day, reminding me that I am a part of a global movement for women's freedom. I use our Balance Essential Oil on mine. Every person who is healing needs a reminder to keep things in balance. Here in the states and throughout our whole global network, women are balancing the difficult realities of the past with new opportunities for personal growth and financial freedom. These reminders that 'we're not alone' keep us moving forward."

Our global network includes more than 30 social enterprise partners from 20 countries on 5 continents. Global partners benefit from being part of a larger community. With the support and sales generated through Thistle Farms Global, partner enterprises can hire more women, increase wages, and reinvest in their communities. Find these products sprinkled throughout our website.