Introducing Stephanie, 2020 Thistle Farms Residential Graduate

Introducing Stephanie, 2020 Thistle Farms Residential Graduate

2020 Thistle Farms Residential graduate, Stephanie exudes the confidence and style of the hair stylist that she is. Making other people feel good about themselves is one of her favorite things, and when a happy client gets up from her chair, she manages to be even happier than they are. 

Stephanie enthusiastically describes her life today as "normal." Normalcy is a treasure for those recovering from addiction. Showing up to work, paying bills, planning vacations, doing all of the responsible and even the mundane things of life take on a new meaning to a person who has lost time to drugs, incarceration, and heartbreak. 

“I grew up in a small town, doing all of the small town things. Like a lot of small town girls, that included getting pregnant at an early age. When my baby girl died, I just came apart. I dealt with my overwhelming grief by getting high until addiction became the main reason for my overwhelming grief. 

"I never dealt with the pain of losing a child. I went straight into addiction. When I got to Magdalene (also known as Thistle Farms Residential) there were so many options for therapy, there were so many options for getting well. I jumped right into grief counseling. A lot of my sisters from the program have reconciling with their families at the top of their list, but for me, I had to reconcile with myself first. I had to mourn my daughter and the pieces of me I lost along the way before I was able to move on to others. 

"Today I know that my story is not just for me. It’s for every small town girl out there who might need to hear it. I want to be in the lives of the girls who need to hear that they are important and that they deserve the best, both when they are making themselves proud and when they fall down. Getting back up is the hardest thing to do. I want to be the hand that steadies another person’s rise.

Congratulations Stephanie, you're an unstoppable force for good!