Product Development and Commercialization Manager

Product Development and Commercialization Manager

This position will be a part of the Body & Home manufacturing team and will help manage the development, documentation, implementation, and systems work required to develop and introduce new products and process improvements.

Duties & Responsibilities:
● Lead and manage commercialization of new/modified products while coordinating with the cross functional Product Development (PD) Team.
● Create and link new SKUs across all manufacturing systems (eg., SKUBANA/Topshelf)
● Set up PD Work Orders for test batches of new/changing products (Topshelf)
● Prepare all necessary paperwork and instructions for the Manufacturing team to produce PD batches of products for internal and external testing
● Coordinate product testing, data collection, documentation, and analysis for new products or process improvements
● Track and modify Job Ticket templates and Work Order Types (Topshelf) due to process and/or product recipe changes
● Participate in weekly Product Development meetings and maintain accurate records of discussions, tasks, progress towards launch, etc. in PD system (
● Assist in training manufacturing personnel in new processes/products.
● Support marketing with Market Research and Customer Focus Groups as related to new product launches.

● Self Driven
● Highly Proficient in MS Excel/Google Sheets, including functions, pivot tables, and data analysis
● Excellent Communication Skills, both written and oral.
● Detailed organization and documentation skills
● Patience and appreciation of working with women survivors in a trauma-informed work environment
● Passion for a commitment to Thistle Farms’ mission, purpose, and values
● BS in technical field preferred

Working Environment:
● Typical work week- 40 hours/week including office and manufacturing floor

Essential physical job functions for Thistle Farms Body and Home staff members working in manufacturing and/or logistics. All staff members should be able to perform the following:
Be able to bend, stand, pick up and reach arms above head
Be able to stand for at least 3 hours at a time
Be able to work 8 hours in a shift
Be able to lift 15 lbs. regularly
Be able to lift 40 lbs. occasionally

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