Cafe Dishwasher

Cafe Dishwasher

The Dishwasher is responsible for keeping dishes washed throughout each shift, adhering to all health codes, and maintaining a positive and clean working environment.

Duties & Responsibilities
● Set up and manage dish cart in server ally
● Stock sanitizer bottles and buckets
● Stock paper towels and soap for hand sink
● Check all chemical levels and replace as needed
● Test chlorine levels in dish machine
● Break down all cardboard boxes and take to blue recycling bin after truck in unloaded
● Stocking towels and mats
● Responsible for washing and putting away all dishes
● Taking out trash in server alley
● Taking napkins/lined bags to bin under patio
● Keeping server alley clean, organized, and up to Health Code standards
● Clean and sanitize all surfaces (all sinks, prep tables, walls, swinging doors, dish machine, dish pit, ice machine, dumbwaiter)
● Wipe down dish cart
● Sweep and roll long mat
● Sweep/mop server alley, dish room
● Clean screen in dish machine and catch-tray on dish machine
● Take out all trash to dumpster
● Take all linens/towels to bin under patio
● Ensure stairway in clear of all trash/debris
● Completing daily chore

● Self-discipline, initiative, willingness to learn and work
● Pleasant, polite manner and a neat and clean appearance
● Detail-oriented
● Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills

Working Conditions
● Typical work week- Varies
● Position requires prolonged standing, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting 25 lbs or more, and repetitive hand/wrist motion
● Work with hot, cold, sharp, and hazardous equipment

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