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Pressed Flower Greeting Card by Thistle Farms Studios

$ 3.60

Brand Studios of Thistle Farms

  • Handcrafted paper made of recycled paper, Tshirts, thistle fibers and other plant materials
  • Pressed flowers and leaves decorate the cover
  • Buy one or a set of 3 cards

The pressed flower greeting card is a labor of love from the Thistle Farms Studios.  Each card, blank on the inside for composing a personal message, is packaged with a 100% recycled envelope. An information insert describing the Studios and the important work and mission of Thistle Farms is included with each card.

A variety of flowers and leaves are carefully pressed in the Studios to decorate the covers of these cards. Each card is individually crafted. 

This beautiful card is a gift in itself – to the one who receives it, to Thistle Farms, and to the earth itself.

The Studios at Thistle Farms is part of the social enterprise of Thistle Farms, a community of women survivors of addiction, prostitution, and trafficking in Nashville, Tennessee. Their products bear witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world.

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