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We're so glad you're here to join Thistle Farms' global marketplace in the growing movement for women's economic freedom.As a global community of social enterprises, we offer handmade quality products that represent healing and empowerment. Our 18 partner social enterprises provide dignifying employment and safe workplaces for women artisans in 10 countries.
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In Search of Women and Woodwork

In our quest to find woodwork for our global dining collection, we have found a number of talented male woodworkers; however, Shared Trade’s mission is to increase economic opportunities for women by supporting and growing women's social enterprises. Thus, we continue our search to find female woodworkers, while working with a couple of partners on woodworking training schemes for the future. 

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Introducing our new Shared Trade partner: BRANDED Collective


Shared Trade is excited to partner with BRANDED Collective, another social enterprise making an impact in our hometown of Nashville, TN. You can shop for their beautifully polished and unique cuffs here. 

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This Winter Keep Warm with the Mothers from Himalayan Naari


Himalayan Naari is a collective of women knitters and weavers in several remote Himalayan mountains villages of India. These groups began after years of working on education programs for kids through the Himalayan Education Foundation (HEF). Most of these working women moved from their agricultural villages – with no economic opportunity – to the city so that their children would have better educational opportunities.

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