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We're so glad you're here to join Thistle Farms Global: Shared Trade, an international marketplace in the growing movement for women's economic freedom. As a global community of social enterprises, we offer handmade quality products that represent healing and empowerment. Our 18 partner social enterprises provide dignifying employment and safe workplaces for women artisans in 10 countries.
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Meet Hernise from Haiti Babi

We love the cuddly soft new baby blankets from our partners, Haiti Babi. Haiti Babi hires moms in Haiti to knit and crochet high-quality artisan baby goods. A job empowers these moms to earn a living while caring for their families. Haiti Babi is about moms helping moms. By purchasing a Haiti Babi product you empower a mom in Haiti to care for her children and keep them out of orphanages.

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Supporting Healthy Mamas Around the World

Our of our long time friends and global partners, Lwala Community Alliance, recently celebrated the impact they've made through their maternal and infant health programs. Lwala is a community-led non profit operating in rural western Kenya. They provide holistic programming focused on health care (clinical care at a small hospital along with a robust community health outreach program), education (with a particular focus on girls), and economic development.  In their area, they have seen a reduction in infant mortality in their community by 50%, and an increase in attended births from 26% to 97%.

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Seeds of Hope: Learn the story behind the Naia Necklace

We asked our friends at Hands Producing Hope to tell us the story behind the new Naia necklace we are carrying in our global collection. Each time you wear the Naia Necklace, you can think of talented women artisans like Maria Elena and Faustina. 

Each necklace features a hand picked seed, the lagrima de san pedro, that was collected not far from their homes. The seed represents the beautiful nature that surrounds them and the cultural heritage of creating beautiful jewelry from seeds that has existed for generations in this community. It also represents the seeds that are being planted in their village. Seeds of hope, confidence, opportunity, and respect.

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