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We're so glad you're here to join Thistle Farms Global: Shared Trade, an international marketplace in the growing movement for women's economic freedom. As a global community of social enterprises, we offer handmade quality products that represent healing and empowerment. Our 18 partner social enterprises provide dignifying employment and safe workplaces for women artisans in 10 countries.
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One Thread at a Time: Reflections by Jennifer from Ecuador

We do not always have the opportunity to visit our partners in their respective countries. However we count it a great job when someone in our community has the opportunity. Jennifer, Thistle Farms Graduate and Hospitality Coordinator, shares her experience visiting our global partner, Sibimbe in Ecuador.

T​his past March 5-13, 2016, I had the fortune of spending time in Ecuador on my second mission trip. Back in 2009 when I was in active addiction I often wondered if I was ever going to do anything productive with my life. I found Thistle Farms and my whole world has shifted from darkness to light. The last thing I ever dreamed of was going to Ecuador; let alone twice. It is an eye opening experience.

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Hand Embroidery from the West Bank: Our new partner Darzah

Meet Rahaf, lead embroidery artisan with Darzah, a jewelry project of Child's Cup Full, a non-profit social enterprise based in the West Bank. When asked about her work, Rahaf responded, "I am really happy with the work here because I work with something enjoy and I'm able to be creative in what I do. I had a concealed passion that wasn't visible but working for Darzah and Child’s Cup Full unveiled that passion and allowed me to realize it in an incredible way. It taught me independence and allowed me to be secure in my life after having to depend on others for so long. Working here I have been able to be a productive go-getter for society, my kids, my house and I encourage every woman to come and work so she can play a pivotal role in society. I want to tell her that she can do whatever it is she wants while enjoying it and she too can unveil her passions."  

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Global and Local: Our Lily Gift Set collaboration with Cedar House

Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of meeting a lively and beautiful group from Cedar House, a recovery community in Abilene, Kansas. One unique aspect of Thistle Farms Global is that we have both a local and international connection to women survivor leaders. This spring, we collaborated with Cedar House for our special limited edition Lily Gift Set. Each package contains a canna lily bulb straight from their gardens. When you plant these bulbs, think of the growing movement around the world for women’s economic freedom.

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