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The Story of Sibimbe & Thistle Farms

One of the most crucial parts of Thistle Farms Global is the idea of learning together with our partners. Sibimbe, a Global Partner located in San Eduardo, Ecuador showcases a journey of learning and collaboration. The story of Sibimbe began as an exchange of ideas between Becca Stevens and Gina Angulo, the priest at Iglesia de San Eduardo. They decided to embark on creating a women’s cooperative, which would empower women socially and economically.  

Our sisters in San Eduardo decided that their vision was sewing, creating beautiful products with traditional Ecuadorian Fabrics. A few members of St. Augustine’s Church traveled to Ecuador to help arrange the purchase of sewing machines and meet the women who were going to be working for Sibimbe. In the following months, the women of Sibimbe perfected their skill and began producing bags for our healing oils, as well as backpacks and other types of bags. In San Eduardo, many young girls quit school to get married, Sibimbe is hopeful that some of these girls will soon learn the skill of sewing and enterprise. 

With the new school year just around the corner, a season of learning, change and possibility is awaiting. Take advantage of this time to reset focus and remember what it is that pushes you forward. For Thistle Farms, our purpose was revitalized as we found strength and resilience in our partners abroad. As Rev. Becca Stevens said, “this global healing and economic justice work has taken me to search the meaning of vision again”. Sibimbe helps us recognize the importance of our mission, as we have seen them uncover the importance of theirs. Take a look at some of the amazing products created by our friends at Sibimbe, which are perfect back to school items.

By Maddie Kewin

August 07, 2016 by Abi Hewitt
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