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Why Shared Trade Matters


Shared Trade seeks to further the movement for women’s economic freedom around the globe by partnering with social enterprises that employ women survivors of trafficking, addiction, violence, and extreme poverty. We recently asked our partners how Shared Trade has contributed to their organization in the past year. Here is what a few of them shared:

The consistent support through product orders from Shared Trade has helped us provide more hours of work to our artisans and hire more women to join our program. It has helped us become more stable and confident that we can provide work to all the artisans in our program!

- Hands Producing Hope

Our work is to create work and economic opportunity for our artisan partners, providing them economic security and through our partnership with Shared Trade, we have been able to give more work to more women and build capacity within cooperatives.

- Mayan Hands

Supplying to Shared Trade has helped Ikirezi to reach out to another category of rural women-craftswomen- as normally we were only working with farmers.

- Ikirezi

Through your purchases, you are helping fuel a global movement for dignifying, safe, healing and fair work environments for over 1450 women in 15 countries. Thank you for being a part of Shared Trade and helping spread the message of women’s empowerment globally.

February 25, 2016 by Michelle Wijaya
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