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"Love Without Fear": A story from Mamafrica


One of our partners, MamAfrica works in the heart of the Congo with women survivors of violence. Many of these women have experienced great hardship, displacement, and loss of loved ones due to the violence and unrest in Congo. MamAfrica provides steady employment and a space for women to experience community and heal. You can shop for Mamafrica products here

We wanted to share a story from one of their artisans Mama Celine.

Mama Celine is 42, a widow with 10 children. During the work week, she walks 40 minutes to the Mamafrica office, which is housed in a church in Bukavu. Prior to joining Mamafrica, Mama Celine was a farmer and then worked as a tailor. Since work was limited to cutting, she didn't have many sewing skills. Our Operations Assistant Jamilah (from North Carolina) interviewed Mama Celine on a visit last June. When asked about her vision of the future, she replied:

"In the future my life will be good. I want Congo to have peace so that I can love without fear."

Mama Celine also said she likes Mamafrica because it has given her a job. This job helps her feed her children and help them reach their goals of going to school and working. Not only is Mamafrica helping her work towards achieving her dream of the future, but also the future of her children. 

 At Shared Trade, we love supporting the work that MamAfrica is doing in the Democratic Republic of Congo and artisans like Mama Celine. We hope alongside Mama Celine that her vision for the future will be a reality, not only in Congo but across the globe: to be able to love without fear. 

January 14, 2016 by Michelle Wijaya
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