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Holidays with Lost Hollow

One of the best kept secrets in folk music, Nashville’s very own Lost Hollow, who have played multiple times at the Thistle Stop Café for Thistle Thursday! A husband and wife duo, Lorrie and Tommy sat down with us at the Café to talk music, Christmas and their recent performance at "Carols and Cocoa."

TSC: What is your favorite band?
Lorrie: I really love Adele right now, I love big powerhouse voices that make you feel something.

Tommy: I don’t really have a favorite band, because all of my favorite bands keep breaking up. The Civil Wars are a perfect example.

TSC: When you walk into the Café, what stands out to you the most?

Tommy: The floors, I understand they are made from the Gore family's tobacco barn--I love old stuff! We spend a lot of time in Great Britain so I have gained a huge respect for things that are old.

Lorrie: I love the tea cup chandelier! I’m mesmerized.

TSC: What does Christmas mean to you?

Lorrie & Tommy: (In unison) Family.

Lorrie: With six kids, Christmas is huge at our house. A memory that stands out for me and Tommy is when our son Taylor was caught staring at the chimney with a pair of binoculars.

TSC: What are you both looking forward to this Thistle Thursday?

Lorrie: Everyone singing along.

Tommy: I agree with Lorrie, just to see everyone singing and getting in the Christmas spirit will be awesome.

TSC: If you could have one Christmas wish, what would it be?

Tommy: We really love spending time in England, and it is so beautiful during Christmas…I would love it if we could take all of our kids there for the entire month of December one year.

Lorrie: (Nods her head with a great big smile on her face.)

We are so grateful to have Lost Hollow a part of this community. If you missed “Carols & Cocoa” at the Cafe on December 10, make sure you check them out here!

December 10, 2015 by Abi Hewitt
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