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10 Years Strong... x3!

Thistle Farms Survivor-Leaders Gwen, Tracey and Katrina have over 10 years clean... Each! Together, they have amassed over 30 years of sobriety.

In a world where only 1/3 of recovering addicts are able to celebrate a year of sobriety, these incredible women turn disheartening statistics on their heads. Their lives are lighthouses for Thistle Farmers in our own recoveries.

This Thanksgiving, we pause to celebrate the gifts of leadership that Tracey, Katrina & Gwen offer our community. We have also asked them to pause and reflect on their 30+ years in recovery, putting ten years of sobriety into one word. What did they say?

Inspiration: Where I came from, there was not inspiration to follow. I want to be a hope shot for the women who come after me. -Gwen
Life: Before Thistle Farms, I lived in the dirt and the ditches of the world. In sobriety, I finally have a life—my life. -Katrina
Gratitude: On October 10, 2004, Thistle Farms and the community gave me a new life. For that, I am grateful. -Tracey
Thank you, Tracey, Gwen & Katrina for reminding us that sobriety is possible and recovery is real. We are grateful for the inspiration you offer, the life you have taught us to live, and the gratitude you bring to our community.


November 24, 2015 by Kat Milam
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