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Car People Who Care

by Bingran Zeng July 01, 2013

We are blessed to have so many great friends and community partners and are grateful when they design a way to incorporate our message into their business. Below, our friend Mike explains the link between Thistle Farms and Providence Auto Group.

Everyone has a story. But, not everyone knows how to turn the page of his or her current story into something beautiful and redemptive. That’s why I love Thistle Farms. Through their mission to help some of the most broken and marginalized women gain job skills, learn responsibility, and develop a new sense of self, Thistle Farms gives women the tools needed to write a new story with their lives.

I first heard about Thistle Farms a few years ago at a Village Real Estate meeting. After hearing Thistle Farm’s passion for helping broken women who have survived the trap of prostitution, trafficking, addition, and homelessness, I was impressed. And as I listened to stories of unexpected and grace-filled redemption, I was deeply moved.

That’s why we partnered with Thistle Farms in my newest business venture, Providence Auto Group, along with the two other co-founders, Simon and Nathan. Whenever we sell a car at Providence, while paperwork and temporary tags are processing, we bring them over our Thistle Farms display. We tell them about the incredible transformation women have seen through this amazing Nashville non-profit. We explain how our hearts are greatly impacted by Thistle Farms. And then, the new car owner picks three products – and drives away with their new car and the story of Thistle Farms in their heart. It is our great hope that every customer will see how much beauty and goodness can be born from ashes.

What in the world is a car dealership doing partnering with non-profits, you may ask? When we created Providence, we were extremely passionate about creating the most remarkable car buying experience in the southeast, but also wanted to positively impact our local community. So, we decided to give cars away to people in need through our Giving Program.  A portion of proceeds from every car that we sell goes into our giving fund to buy a car for an individual in need. Mercy Ministries and Safe Haven help identify a worthy recipient, and Providence selects a car for the individual based on their personal needs.  

At Providence, I am honored to partner with Thistle Farms, promoting their impactful mission through each car sold. I am also proud that every Thistle Farms volunteer and resident receives a friends and family discount at Providence, and we’re also working on a unique matching grant program to help these amazing women buy a car. A car isn’t just a mode of transportation – it can help change a life in our car dependent society. Thistle Farm proves that fresh hope and new beginnings are always possible; beautiful stories can always be written. 

By Mike Zeller

Providence Auto Group

Bingran Zeng
Bingran Zeng

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