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We Want To Be The Best

It's time again for the annual Best of Nashville Awards presented by the Nashville Scene. 
We love and appreciate all of our friends and supporters, but want to make sure ALL of Nashville knows who we are and what we are all about. 

Would you help us spread our message that LOVE HEALS
by voting for us in this year's awards?
Simply go to the Best of Nashville Awards link here: http://bit.ly/17vkmle.
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Here are the categories we think we are the BEST in:
Food & Drink (Section 1):
Best Coffeehouse: Thistle Stop Cafe
Best Restaurant Ambiance: Thistle Stop Cafe
Best Service in a Restaurant: Thistle Stop Cafe
Home, Goods & Services (Section 2):
Best Place To Buy A Gift For Women: Thistle Farms
Best Nonprofit: Thistle Farms
Music, Arts & Entertainment (Section 3):
Best Local You Would Like To See Make a Cameo On Nashville: Thistle Stop Cafe
Media & Politics (Section 4):
Best Facebook Page: Thistle Farms
Best Local Twitter Account: Rev. Becca Stevens
People & Places (Section 6):
Best Place To Take Out-of-Towners: Thistle Stop Cafe
Best Religious Leader: Rev. Becca Stevens
Best Community Role Model: Rev. Becca Stevens
Best Category We Forgot: Best Company Mission Statement (LOVE HEALS by Thistle Farms!)

You have to answer at least 20 questions in order for your answers to be counted. 
We've chosen 12  above, so that leaves you at least 8 to fill out on your own. 
Don't forget to support our retail partners and caterers when choosing other bests!  
Voting ends September 11th 
and we'll remind you again on our social media outlets.
Thank you again for your support and for helping us be the BEST!
August 09, 2013 by Bingran Zeng
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