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Pick a Fall Menu!

It’s only July, but the Thistle Stop team is already looking ahead to the unveiling of our new fall menu. For the past few weeks, we have been brainstorming different options.

Can you add sriracha to that?

What if we put an egg on it?

Can you make that in the microwave?

Goat cheese or Gouda?

After exhausting every suggestion and making ourselves sufficiently hungry, Courtney, the café manager and chief foodie, decided to put some of our ideas to the test. She put on an apron and got to work in the kitchen. Ever so often, she would emerge with a plate that looked like it was straight off the Food Channel. These dishes looked (and tasted!) more like the menu at a trendy restaurant than typical soup/salad/sandwich café fare.

If you take a look at our menu, you’ll notice we have a lot of sandwiches. In fact, we have 12 different sandwich options, including the kid’s menu. We want to diversify our lunchtime menu to be more compatible with gluten-free diets. We are also looking to expand our breakfast options to include healthy and fresh meals that will help you start you day off right.

But Thistle Stop Café has always been a community endeavor. From the volunteers that laid our floors to the supporters that donated the teacups in our chandeliers, the community of Thistle Farmers in Nashville helped build the café the ground up. That’s why, two years later, Thistle Stop is once again looking to the community for help.

We need your input in picking our new menu items. What do you want to keep from our current menu? Are there old favorites you want to bring back? Tweet, email, and Facebook message us your recipes and ideas. Tell us what you’re hungry for! We will pick our favorite suggestions and create a ballot. From there, the customers will vote on their favorites. The winner will be featured on the new fall menu.

July 01, 2015 by Courtney Sobieralski
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