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The Power of Poetry

Donna at Thistle Stop Cafe

On Thursday, August 13th, Thistle Stop Café will be hosting an evening of live poetry performances, spoken word, and prompted writing. The Poetry Night is the pride and joy of Donna Dozier, a Thistle Farms graduate and café employee. As Thistle Stop Café’s resident deep thinker and free spirit, Donna has been instrumental in planning the event. “Poetry is something that comes from your heart and your soul,” Donna believes. “And when you let that out, other people can feel it and relate to it. You can experience so many things. You can experience joy, experience pain, you can experience gratitude, and you can experience healing.” Even though Donna didn't begin writing until she arrived at Thistle Farms, she says poetry has always been an important part of her life. “I had it inside of me for a long time. I would speak it, but I wouldn’t write it down. I didn’t start writing until I got to Thistle Farms. Coming to here brought me back to who I was and I will forever be grateful. I was finally able to feel.” Writing about her experiences has helped Donna come to terms with her past hardships while also creating a better future for herself. Since graduating from the program, Donna’s passion for writing has only grown. She has expanded her repertoire to include poems about other people. Many of her works are about people she has encountered and their path to a better life. “The poetry I like is about a person opening their eyes to see what’s going on. I was talking with this young lady and she knew she was with a man that was no good. When she started talking, my hands just started writing.”

When I wake up in the morning My heart is still lying in the bed I get the children ready for school But my heart is still lying in the bed I get ready for work But my heart is still lying in the bed The routine of life goes on and on But my heart is still lying in the bed Self worth, please find me
For Donna, poetry is more than just a hobby or creative outlet; it is one of the keys to her recovery. “I go to NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings. And in NA meetings a person might share something that relates to your situation and you’ll realize, ‘Oh I wasn’t by myself.’ But you don’t need to narrow it down just to NA. There are people out there that are struggling with all types of things.” She hopes that, by hosting this event, she will inspire others to find peace through writing. Donna will also be serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Being able to not only participate in the event, but to also lead others in sharing their stories is particularly meaningful to Donna. “I’m excited. I think I do have a gift of relating to a person and to the audience.” She expects the event to be meaningful and therapeutic for herself and the audience. “This is a place where you can cry, you can laugh, and you can just be yourself.” However, Donna says her main goal for the night is much simpler: “Make it fun.”
July 29, 2015 by Courtney Sobieralski
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