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11 Years & Proof Love Heals: Meet Tracey

When you use a Thistle Farms product, you can know that it was made under Tracey's watchful eye. After 15 years in active addiction, Tracey has amassed 11 years clean, recently bought her first home and proudly manages the production of over 12,000 candles each year at Thistle Farms. Her family, friends, and coworkers are drawn to Tracey's huge smile, only eclipsed by the size of her heart. 

She recently reflected on her 11 years of sobriety:

I am 45 years old and have three kids and four grandkids. One of my grandkids is now deceased. I used for 15 years. I never knew that there was a way out until October 9, 2004. I had a murder charge, and my God of my understanding said, “This is your way out.” I was scared and didn’t understand what my God was doing then. But now I have 11 years clean, my kids in my life, and I am trying to build a personal relationship with God.

I came through Magdalene and am a 2006 graduate. I thank God for a new life called Recovery! -- Tracey 


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