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Iced Citrus Spice Moringa Tea

How does drinking a glass tea contribute to the cause of women's economic freedom in Mexico? Your purchase of our moringa tea directly supports the Moringa Madres, our Shared Trade partner in San Jan Cosala, Mexico. To beat the summer heat, Thistle Stop Cafe in Nashville, TN now serves a delicious iced citrus spice moringa tea. Stop by for a drink or make your own!

Moringa Madres is one of our Shared Trade partners and truly embraces our mission of improving the lives of marginalized women globally through economic empowerment. Birthed out of a 25 year old community food program called Operation Feed SJC, Moringa Madres employes lovely ladies of all ages to plant, water, and harvest the leaves of the Moringa trees. This project was created to promote economic opportunity for the women and bring self-sufficiency to the community.

Just last year, Moringa Madres planted 75 moringa trees. Now, they have over 200 trees that have grown over 9 feet tall. Over the past year, they have had nearly 20 harvests and many more shipments here to us at Shared Trade. The leaves are made into a variety of products, ranging from cosmetics, such as bath salt scrubs, to highly nutritious teas. The tea has also been served at 15 tea parties across the United States. A moringa bath salt blend by Thistle Farms in sold in many Whole Foods stores.

The Moringa leaves are considered by many to be a super food, and are a great diet supplement. They are a source of amino acids, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The Madres (Spanish for mothers) are dedicated to their work, bringing about success for the project and economic freedom for themselves. What we love is that this moringa project improves not only the lives of the women but also those of their children and families, which in turn impacts the whole community.

Stop by Shared Trade to pick up a bag of Moringa Tea or bath salts or Thistle Stop cafe for a refreshing glass of iced citrus spice moringa tea!


July 07, 2015 by Michelle Wijaya
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