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Why Every Day Should Be World Fair Trade Day


“Every day should be World Fair Trade Day, because women’s lives matter everyday. We have the opportunity to make a difference through our purchases everyday. How much more impact could we make if each day we thought about whom our purchases were impacting. If you thought, where is this piece of jewelry or dress coming from? Our small decisions can make an impact on a woman’s life to help send her kids to school or buy nutritious food. A Fair Trade movement like this can help organizations like us grow and reach more women in our community.”

– Rebecca, Founder of Hands Producing Hope

Here at Shared Trade, we believe World Fair Trade Day should not just be May 9th. We partner with organizations like Hands Producing Hope who believe in dignifying and ethical work for women every day.  

Check out their products and more on our website or at our storefront at 5122 Charlotte Pike in Nashville, TN. Your purchase supports a global community of women social enterprises and fair trade every day.

Will you join us in the growing movement for women's economic freedom?


May 13, 2015 by Michelle Wijaya
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