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Introducing New Shared Trade Partner, Mayan Hands

"I want you to know what is behind the things that I make. They represent a better life for my family. Now we have food on the table every day and my children are in school."
- Maria Eugenia, Mayan Hands
"We have seen great changes. We began at the end of the armed conflict and it was hard to organize. Now we are a group of women with opportunities to work together and express ourselves. We are grateful for all this."
– Macaria, Mayan Hands

Maria Eugenia and Macaria are two of the 200 Guatemalan women who are empowered through the efforts of Shared Trade partner Mayan Hands. As an international fair trade organization, Mayan Hands creates avenues for women from eight rural communities to sell handmade woven goods. 

Weaving has been a cultural tradition in Guatemala for nearly 3,000 years but the demand for woven goods is not strong enough in the country. Global sales ensure that Mayan Hands women continue the beautiful practice of weaving, and in turn can support their families and invest in the local communities. 

Each woman enjoys a fair and consistent wage, healthy working conditions, business training, and artisan skill development. The supportive working environment fosters relationships and allows the women to become self-sufficient. They send their sons and daughters to school to receive the education they could not receive, and thus are able to imagine bright futures for their families.

We are proud to announce that Shared Trade is now partnered with Mayan Hands! Their goods are high quality, eco-friendly, and traditionally made with a modern touch, as Guatemalan women stay true to their cultural values.




April 15, 2015 by Eileen Tilson
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