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How Do You Share Love?

This Valentine's Day, Shared Trade's global community is taking a moment to recognize the love surrounding each of us. Sharing love each and every day of the year is a rhythm we embrace without hesitation and judgment. Love is not solely reserved for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. We are created to love and show it in small and large ways everyday.

And we are asking you,

How do you share your love? 

By answering this question, we spread the message that love is the most powerful force for change in the world. And that force is within all of us.

Join us by printing out one of our SIGNS, taking pictures with your answer, and posting #sharelove on social media 

In recent weeks, we asked our global partners this same question, recognizing that women all around the world share love in different and uniquely beautiful ways. As answers come back from Rwanda, Cambodia, and Ecuador, we'd love to share the message with you. 

Moringa Madres, one of our partners located in San Juan Cosala, Mexico, won our hearts as they told us their story. Moringa Madres is an enterprise of 6 women harvesting tea from Moringa trees as an investment to improve the livelihoods of their children. Together with the nonprofit Operation Feed SJC, this project helps women sustain their families and head towards economic independence.

When they heard of our campaign, the Moringa Madres took advantage of the opportunity to “pretty up” for a picture. The women beautifully shared their message in English and Spanish, and displayed the importance of community for them as they changed the campaign signs from “I share my love by…” to “We share our love by…”

And together, the Moringa Madres answered, "by growing Moringa and building a community of women here in Mexico." 

 “You have not chosen one another, but I have chosen you for one another.”
-C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves
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