Celebrating MLK Day with Jovita

by Abi Hewitt January 19, 2015

At Shared Trade, we join the celebration of his legacy today, but we also share in his vision: to open opportunity for all men and women to be recognized participants in society. 

Originally from Texas, Jovita is a current resident of the Magdalene program in Nashville. She joined the Shared Trade team nine months ago, and since then she has enjoyed being a part of a team that is improving the daily lives of women and their families around the globe.

To Jovita, it is important that the community understands that Shared Trade is much more than an online store. Shopping on our website directly affects women who live in Nashville, Milwaukee, and across the globe, and Jovita enjoys doing her part to expand this mission.

 “This isn’t a job,” she said. “It’s a mission. It’s a movement.”

Jovita loves Shared Trade because helping women discover a better future for themselves has transformed her own life. “What I do everyday is life-changing to me because I am changing the life of another woman living in poverty,” she said.

Pictured above, Jovita spoke at the Magdalene and Thistle Farms fundraiser in October 2014. She has a voice and a freedom to pursue her dreams. She's a writer and a craftswoman. We are proud on MLK Day to celebrate her participation in a global movement for economic freedom. 


Abi Hewitt
Abi Hewitt

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