One week until launch!

by Abi Hewitt October 03, 2014

We are just seven days away from the grand opening of Shared Trade: A Fair Share for Women!

For the last few months, we’ve been introducing you week by week to some of the extraordinary enterprises committed to creating economic freedom and healing work environments for women. Now, we’d like you to see the beautiful creations that will be available on starting next Friday.

Shared Tradeis proud to offer a collection of home goods, bath & body products, accessories, jewelry and more that add style and beauty to your daily life.

From Mekong Blue in Cambodia, we are featuring hand-made silk scarves. In a variety of patterns, each scarf from Mekong Blue is designed and dyed over a two-week period on hand looms by women at the Stung Treng Women’s Center. These scarves are the perfect purchase to set you up for fall. Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte while wrapped in warmth!

From the Akola Project in Uganda and Ethiopia, Shared Trade is proud to offer beautiful jewelry. The Umoja Necklace features a handcast Ethiopian pendant that hangs on a gold-colored chain. The second chain accents the piece with teal beads. The piece hangs long at 30″ adds that glam to your outfit.

And of course, Shared Trade will offer the full line of  Thistle Farms’ Candles! Sit back and relax as the calming scents fill your home. Women of Magdalene hand pour the soy candles with love and healing. They burn clean with scents of lavender, lemon sage, citrus vanilla, and more. Light a candle for the woman still out there and hope she finds her way back home.

The scarf from Mekong Blue, necklace from Akola Project, and candle from Thistle Farms represent goods from just three of our thirteen social enterprise partners. Needless to say, there is so much more to come!

Help us launch this new initiative by telling your friends about # SharedTrade on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and spread the news about the movement for women’s economic freedom.

Abi Hewitt
Abi Hewitt

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