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Supporting Healthy Mamas Around the World

Our of our long time friends and global partners, Lwala Community Alliance, recently celebrated the impact they've made through their maternal and infant health programs. Lwala is a community-led non profit operating in rural western Kenya. They provide holistic programming focused on health care (clinical care at a small hospital along with a robust community health outreach program), education (with a particular focus on girls), and economic development.  In their area, they have seen a reduction in infant mortality in their community by 50%, and an increase in attended births from 26% to 97%.  

New Visions Sewing Cooperative is composed of 10 local women tailor. Together, they are improving health and education outcomes in our community by manufacturing school uniforms and reusable sanitary pads for over 700 school girls a year. The sewing cooperative has also produced cloth bags for Thistle Farms kits, aprons, skirts and baby slings. All of these products are made from kitenges purchased in the local market.

In addition, Lwala highlights the need for prenatal care, skilled delivery, postpartum care, and newborn care for every mother-baby pair in Lwala. They are continuing to seek to reduce the infant mortality rate in their region. Their work supports young mothers, like Valtine. 

Valtine has lost both of her parents and is being raised by her grandmother. While her pregnancy was unexpected, she has decided not to drop out of school. Valtine helps her grandmother in their garden, with domestic chores and running errands. Valtine is determined to continue her education after the delivery of her baby and to become a teacher.


Check out their website for more information. To read more stories about mothers in Lwala click here

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