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Seeds of Hope: Learn the story behind the Naia Necklace

We asked our friends at Hands Producing Hope to tell us the story behind the new Naia necklace we are carrying in our global collection. Each time you wear the Naia Necklace, you can think of talented women artisans like Maria Elena and Faustina. 
The Naia necklace is hand crafted by two gentle and kind young women in the HPH program, Maria Elena and Faustina. Each necklace features a hand picked seed, the lagrima de san pedro, that was collected not far from their homes. The seed represents the beautiful nature that surrounds them and the cultural heritage of creating beautiful jewelry from seeds that has existed for generations in this community. It also represents the seeds that are being planted in their village. Seeds of hope, confidence, opportunity, and respect. We know that these seeds will not only enrich the lives of our artisans but the lives of their children and the generations to come. 
Faustina is one of the creators of the Naia Necklace. She is a young mom of 4 and has a sweet spirit that is obvious to anyone who meets her. Her family owns a few horses, which her husband is able to utilize in transporting goods to earn some extra money and to get around the village much quicker. You will find Faustina working on her front porch, with her children running around in the yard, helping hang up laundry on the clothes line, and prancing around the tarp covered with drying cacao that was just harvested. Faustina lives near and often spends time with her mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws who also work with Hands Producing Hope
May 02, 2016 by Michelle Wijaya
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